Cornmeal tortilla baked in clay cover – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Recipe for: 4-6 persons

Ingredients: 5 kg cornmeal, salt according to taste, wheat flour as much as necessary to bind the composition and to give a better taste, water as needed to form consistent dough

Method of Preparation: The first step in preparing the tortilla is igniting the fire on the brick hearth or in the furnace.If it’s going to be baked in a clay pot, it is necessary to place the clay cover on parched charcoal until the dough is prepared. The cornmeal flour is sifted through a sieve in a wooden chest. The water is boiled and poured on the cornmeal. The white flour and salt according to taste, are added and after that it is kneaded very well until the dough binds and gets a uniform consistency. The dough is placed on a wooden chopper and it is given a round shape using the hands. Separately, a mixture of water and wheat flour is made.The mixture should be soft. With this mixture of water and white flour, the dough placed on the chopper is greased well. The parched charcoal is removed from the hearth. After that, the horseradish or walnut leaves are added and the dough is placed above. Salt is spread above the dough and after that it is covered with horseradish or walnut leaves, as well.The clay cover is put above the tortilla and it is baked for about an hour.

Special tips: The cornmeal tortilla represented for a long time the basic food in Mehedinti households, replacing most of the times the bread. The clay cover (țest) is made of clay but there is a version of it that is made out of metal. In some areas of the county, the tortilla is baked in a brick oven, not in „țest”. Tortilla baked in clay pot is still prepared today in localities such as Isverna, Noapteşa etc.

Where to eat: in the northern part of the county, such as Ponoarele, Isverna, Godeanu, Balta, Baia de Aramă.