“At Varnițe – Prosăc’s Mouth” Route – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Access: from Tr.Severin on DJ 607B untill Ciresu ( 28 km ), then to Marga about 3km untill Varniţe; marked: red triangle; duration: 1/2h; accessibilty: easy; seasonality: troughout the year, unrecommended when the river is high; equipment: not necessary.

Points of interest: Topolniţa’s meadow, Prosăc upstream; Topolniţa keys from Gura Prosăcului gallery portal Prosăcului.

Belvedere spots: the frontal area from Gurii Prosăcului, view of the entrance cave and the walls surrounding it.

Connecting routs: Topolnita valley upstreams to the keys and the Sfodea’s Cave.

– Woman Cave (the entrance of Topolniţa Cave) untill La Varniţe glade, Gaura lui Ciocârdie

– Epuran’s Cave over the Cornetul Prosăcului.