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Ecotouristic Route “Valea Liubotina – Rudina” – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Access to the route is from DN 57, 8 km away from Dubova, via Svinita, the right Liubotina viaduct.

The route is quite long (longhis), of medium difficulty, which is crossed in about 6 hours.

The route is marked with a blue triangle with white edge.

The route is connected with Cioaca Cremeneasca – Rudina route having the same terminus point.

Ecotourism route goes along Liubotina Valley, one of the most picturesque Danube tributary valleys.

The slopes are covered with forests of beech, and here and there appear isolated specimens yew (Taxus baccata), part of the protected flora of Romania. This conifer has become so rare because very precious wood carving and woodwork looked fine, but also because the leaves and all plant parts (other than aryl), containing an alkaloid taxina, especially poisonous for horses. In the past, people “harvest” these conifers as a threat to animals that eat them.

Today, yew is protected throughout Romania.

All Liubotina Valley, waterfalls formed the bed of the river give a special scenic area.

The most impressive point is Rudina belvedere, from where he sees the Danube, as well as Minor Codicea and Great Codicea hills.

Traditional cuisine found in huts on the route, and how to cook „meals” local tourist makes a love of these places.