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The Ecotouristic Route “Racovăț – Boldovin” – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Access is from village road that crosses the Ilovita village – about 1.3 km away from Ilovita village hall and overlaps Racovat road taht joins the river upstream.

The route is marked with a red circle with white border, is of medium difficulty and can be done in 5 hours.

The main attraction is one of the three places that make the Bahna fossil reservation – the first palaeontological reservation in Romania.

The Bahna-Orşova depression does not impress with its heights, rocks, perpendiculars but with the soft curves of the hills and valleys. The geography brook turns over to you leaf by leaf when you watch these fields.

Here the life goes quietly, in an archaic rhythm. The old houses in Iloviţa and Bahna, from the XIX-th and the beginning of the XX-th century, some declared architectonical monuments, stand proofs of the past times. The traditional cow, sheep and gat’s milk products attracts you along the whole ecotouristic route. The end of the spring and the beginning of the summer is the season of the sweet cherries, ecological fruits because the polluting industry is too far away from these places in Mehedinti County.

Liming, as traditional activity on these places is reminded by the old and abandoned lime kilns and the ruins of the lime factory on the Racovăţ Valley as well.

The highest point of the route is the Boldovin Hill (622 m), border between the Iron Gates and Mehedinţi Plateau and also the place from where is visible the Vodiţa Rock, Danube and Orşova at a distance. From the Boldovin hill, the path follows an old forest road, today accessible only for the ones who want to admire the nature on foot without transportation.

The last part of the route follows a road for cars quite on the Racovăţ Valley but picturesque due to the Racovăţ river waterfalls. One of them is called „La Bobote”.

It is a circular route which begins and ends near the fossil point “Racovăţ”. Here is one of the tree fossil points which form the Bahna Palaeontologic Reservation (Racovăţ, Lespezi, and Curchia), the first palaeontologic reservation in Romania, with a fossil fauna of approx 16 millions of years. In such protected areas, fossils and rocks collecting is absolutely prohibited. Quite on the margin of the Iloviţa locality, into an amphitheatre shaped outcrop is preserved the bottom of the Sarmatian Sea where snails, shells and corals used to live 16 millions of years ago.