Steroid Al
Steroid Al
Responsible Youth – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The project “Tineri responsabili” (“Responsible Youth”), was financed by the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest, that aimed to highlight the importance of involving young people in the political and social life by familiarizing them with the basic notions of public administration as a major factor in influencing the development of the local community they are part of.

Among the activities that have been carried out within this project, it is mentioned:

  • Forming of the initiative group;
  • Organizing 5 workshops. These workshops aimed to acquire the basic knowledge about civic rights and obligations, the political parties and the electoral system. Introductory notions about the choice, the structure and the attributions that the local administration have and also its decisional tools were presented, beginning with the necessity of the community and ending with the decision of the administrative form. The importance of administration transparency , free access to public interest information and public consultation, has also been highlighted. Also, in these workshops were debated issues such as the role of the media and the NGO sector in the life of the community.
  • Participation of the initiative group to the meetings of the local and county council,  and meeting the local and county authorities;
  • Editing and printing a “Public Involvement Guidebook” that included the conclusions of the youth drawn on their experience gained during the trainings and meetings organized within the project.