Elixir Prahovo Port – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Blue path

Name of the touristic attraction: Elixir Prahovo Port

Location: Prahovo, Bor district, located 9 km northeast from the town of Negotin

Description: Elixir Prahovo Port in Bor District is one of the 12 domestic and among the most important ports in Serbia, particularly in the border zone with Romania and Bulgaria. The Port is located on the right bank of the Danube River, at 861st kilometer of the waterway through Serbia, in the vicinity of the town of Negotin. Prahovo Port is of the so-called pool type ports and is located 4 kilometers downstream of hydropower plant “Djerdap 2”(Iron Gates 2). It is also linked and accessible through the rail and road networks. Ministries of Romania and Serbia intend to implement several infrastructure projects for the Danube sector within the Danube Strategy.

Information and contacts:

Manager of the Prahovo Port:

Sinisa Todorovic:

E-mail: sinisa.todorovic@elixirprahovo.rs

Telephone: +381 19 31 00 490

Fax:+ 381 19 352 40 26

Address: Prahovo Port – Radujevacki put b.b.

19 330 Prahovo, Serbia

Other useful information:

The area of “PRAHOVO” Port “- Elixir d.o.o. is 7,47 ha.

The total length of the wharf: 560 m.

Rail track: 971 m with the road infrastructure.

Cargo handling capacity: 3.000 t/day bulk cargo, 2×180 t/h general cargo.

Cargo handling mechanization: 3 Portal Crane capacity of 10 t, 6 t and 5 t, 3 bridge cranes capacity 10 t and 40 t and 2 loading transportation systems, capacity 120 t/h.

Outdoor warehouses: 6.000 m2.

Indoor warehouses: 2.000 m2.

The most frequently processed goods: artificial fertilizers, phosphate, coal, coke, sheet metal, reinforced concrete, etc.

Characteristics: the Danube River – European corridor VII flows through the municipality of Negotin; Elixir Prahovo Prahovo Port is located there and is connected via railroad with Belgrade and Nis. It is only 10 km away from the main road E-771 (M25).

Port Authority Prahovo is located in the Prahovo Port where its seat is for the area of ​​the Danube River – right bank from 845.5th kilometer (confluence of the Timok River to the Danube) to 880th kilometer (exit at Tekija, municipality of Kladovo).

Port Authority operates 24 hours and is the state border crossing for vessels of national flag in international traffic and for vessels of foreign flag sailing in – sailing out of the international port and dock of Prahovo

Leader of the Port Authority: Dragan Bukatarevic

Address: Prahovo Port – Radujevacki put b.b.

19 330 Prahovo, Serbia