Vlaske plasinte (Valachian pancakes) – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Recipe for: 8-12 persons

Ingredients: 1 cube of fresh yeast (40 grams), half a litter of warm water, 500-700 grams of flour. For the filling: 350 grams of old cheese (hard) and 3-4 eggs and frying oil.

Method of Preparation: Place the yeast in a little amount of warm water, add a spoon of salt, sugar and flour and leave it to rise. When grows, mix it with the rest of flour and water and make a medium soft dough. Leave the dough to rise. From this you should make 12 dough-balls, or 8 if you want bigger pancakes, and each one should be spread in about 0.5 cm thickness. While the dough is growing, prepare the filling. Crumble the cheese and mix with eggs. Wrap each pancake with filling, then fold it from all sides and connect it well with your fingers. Fry pancakes in hot oil to rinse on both sides. Serve with yogurt or sour milk as a meal.

Special tips: This specialty has been prepared since ancient times in the Bor District as a breakfast or dinner. It is interesting that the shape of the pancake is different in every village, and it can be recognized where the housewife is coming from. Pancakes can take the form of a panzerotti,
a flower or a letter.

Where to eat: Only few restaurants offers plašinte in the menu. You can find plašinte in some fast food restaurants. Every September in the village Rudna Glava in Municipality Majdanpek, there is an official competition for preparing plasinte called “Plasintijada”.

Serve with: beer