Steroid Al
Steroid Al
Sfodea Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Sfodea Cave it is situated in Sfodea Village, Balta Locality, and it is dug in the left wall of the Topolni’a Valley, in Boldul Izvorului Mountain, at 435 m altitude.

It is a horizontal cave formed of a long gallery of 640 m, with sub-fossil portions and active portions developed on a system of cracks.

Entering through a relatively small opening (1,4-2m), oriented towards S-W, one can reach a mostly sub-fossil gallery, having only the end area bathed in a subterranean course, which throws a large part of its waters outside through the opening of the cave when it rains heavily. The ceiling of the gallery is situated between 0,5  and 3 m height, and the wideness does not exceed 2-3 m. Patchy gallery narrows to 70-80 cm, and in some places from the end part it is necessary to crawl. The cave has two more difficult points: a threshold near the entrance and some huge boulders from one room to the cavity. In this cave very interesting concretions can still be admire.

The walk towards the interior of the cave, in the active part, is stopped upstream by a siphon, and downstream by the narrowing of the gallery. The ceiling is rocky only at the bottom area, and the rest is covered in sand and mud soil. It is a warm cave, very humid as well, and it is slightly ventilated by the currents produced by the water.

Visiting conditions: it is easy to walk through. Protection equipment is necessary and illuminating devices. It should not be visited when it rains.