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Epuran’s Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Epuran’s Cave is situated approx. 600 m S-E of Jupânești, Cireșu Locality, on the river Ponorat, at 425 m altitude.

Access is on the modernized road to Bâlvăneşti, otherwise hard to reach by car on the Marga – Jupâneşti. Jupâneşti – Epuran Cave is the route to visit the cave. The route is marked by the blue band and runs for 1 km. The trail is mostly in Mehedinți Geopark Plateau territory. The cave was descovered in 1962 and its discovery is the greatest spelunking discovery of the last quarter of XX century.
It is a large cave (3604 m long), with galleries situated on two levels, a fossil superior level and another active inferior one.

 Climbing up a huge pile of blocks, one can rich the North Hallm which is located at the same altitude as the entrance (425 m). From the east part of this hall, a tunnel-gallery 100 m long, having numerous branches which deepen, opens into a small hall apparently closed from all directions. A reduced space, in which one can feel a strong current of air, allows the access towards the Hope Narrow. The researcher is obligated to crawl under limestone blocks, constantly looking for the continuation of the gallery. From the Narrow Hall one can go forward to the Collapsing Hall through limestone blocks, where the variety and the richness in stalagmite formations adorn the walls and the ceiling. Towards S-E, a small hill leads to the Bears Hall, rich in formations. The numerous skeletons of Ursus Spelaeus scattered on the ceiling have been fixed there over the time through formations of white calcite crystals. The most difficult sector of the cave is the Great Ramonaj, where one can go forward only with security ropes, at 6-7 m from the basis of the crack. After crossing these difficult passages, one reaches the Muddy Plates Gallery, high and wide, where walking is much easier. After crossing the last narrow point – the Treasure Gate – the Treasure Gallery opens. Its formations completely justify its name. Here one can cross to the Gallery with Basins, the most beautiful area of the entire cave. The superior floor ends with the excessive formation of the end of the Gallery with Basins at the point called “Bazinele Cadânelor”.

The inferior active floor sums approx. 1300 m of galleries. The morphology of this floor is identical to the morphology of the inferior floor in the Topolnița Cave, with which, of course, it is connected. Towards south, the walk is stopped by a siphon lake 10 m in diameter, and towards north, by the collapsed gallery. Because of these immense difficulties of 55 m well, the necessary exploration equipment, visiting this floor is extremely difficult.

Visiting conditions: the cave exploration means the usage of special equipment. The necessary time to cross the superior cave is 4-5 hours, and the inferior floor is from 8 to 10 hours.