Steroid Al
Steroid Al
Gradašnica Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Gradašnica – Starting point Miroč – Ending point Gradašnica

Duration: 2-5 hours

There are more than sixty objectives located on the mountain Miroč some of which have already been explored, for example, Lazarus Gradašnica Cave , while others because of the inaccessibility of the interior and a number of obstacles, are accessible  only with full caving gear.

Cave Gradašnica – medium heavy route, with a length of 2 km; the route is located on Miroč, where there is also a karst complex within the National Park. The route is crossed by numerous streams, waterfalls and watercourses. The route leads through dense beech forests and thickets oak. At the end of the route is Gradašnica Cave, which is proposed to be protected as a natural monument.

Length of the route is 2km; route is located on Miroč. From the main road you enter the beech and oak forests.

Difficulty: medium heavy route

Guided : with guide

Accessibility: By bus and individual shuttle, from Donji Milanovac tu Miroč.