The Cave from Isverna – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The cave is situated in the area of the Isverna Locality (Mehedinți), at the bottom of the Dealul Pesterii Mountain. It is a large cave (over 1,5 km) permanently crossed by the subterraneous stream.

There are approx. 200m of galleries outside the water separated by three siphons (Yellow, Green and Black), but the true value of the cave is given by its flooded galleries.

After 20 years of diving lead by the Underwater Exploration Group and The Group of Speology Researchers, many international camps to which some of the most famous divers of the subterraneous world participated, two years ago the team Gabor-Baciu managed to cross the Black Siphon discovering hundreds of metres of galleries of an incredible beauty.

Today the Black Siphon is over 400m long and has a negative inclination of 40m, being the biggest siphon in the country.

The exploration activity continues to the present days due to the huge potential and new siphons discoveries at the end of the immerse gallery

The exploration is difficult because there are very few divers who are able to cross the siphon and a shift lasts over 10 hours inside a 7-8 degrees water.

Visitation conditions: protection equipment and means of illumination are recommended. The cave should not be visited during heavy rains periods.