Steroid Al
Steroid Al
Pastrama – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Recipe for: 4 persons

Ingredients: pork meat, homemade sausages (the so called krnac stuffed with pieces of pork, pig chitterlings, lard, salt and garlic), 600 g pastrma (pickled and smoked pork), 4 eggs, 200 g cheese, 1kg polenta, fresh onions and garlic.

Method of Preparation: Cut the pork into small pieces and pickle them in the dry pickle (only salt and garlic). Sausages are prepared from the pork leftovers, salt and garlic.Meat and sausages are smoked by a cool smoke, or in the fireplace of old houses. Smoking in the draft is a longer process and takes more than 30 days. When the meat and sausages are completely dry, they are further baked (cooked) in the melted lard. Meat and sausages are put in an earthen pot and poured by the grease. The pot is closed with the clean peppers and tied with a rope. The meat (pastrma) prepared in this way will last until next year.Meat, sausages and fat are used for cooking, frying or as an individual dish. Take the meat and fat from the earthen pot and heatit. Prepare the polenta, and fry eggs. Serve with cheese, onion and garlic.

Special tips: Serving polenta or hot homemade bread with pastrama is a must.

Where to eat: Can be found in the menu of restaurants from Negotin and arounds and also in the rural touristic households from this area.

Serve with: Red wine