The „Teodor Costescu” Cultural Palace – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Teodor Costescu was the founder of the Cultural Palace. He was a remarkable personality of the city. Elected president of the “Theatre of Drobeta Turnu Severin” Society, Teodor Costescu, the director of the prestigious High School “Traian”, managed only in few days, to cover the entire funding for construction of the theatre.

The foundation stone of the Cultural Palace “Teodor Costescu” was laid in 1912, but instead of the conference and shows rooms, as was initially projected, was made the great edifice Cultural Palace, who could start its fruitful activity in 1924 and soon was able to set up a new life for the city and the county.

The building project was drawn up by the architect Gregory Cerkez. The Cultural Palace was built between 1912-1924, with an interruption caused by the First World War. Partial finished, the building entered in the public circuit on 30th of November 1924, when in was opened as a monument dedicated to the Romanians Great Union.

The theatre was opened in 1924 without the Grand Hall finished. As he no longer received support from anywhere,  Costescu sold his private properties for the public interest.

The building has a very special plan and was designed to include seven large rooms: three rooms with library destionation, cinema and restaurant, forming the northern wing; another three rooms forming the western wing -The Museum „Dr. C.I. Istrati”, the festival hall and the helpful lounge; and the seveth room, locaded in the middle between the two wings mentioned above, is the great theatre hall which was completed later.

Being a true Cultural Palace, it hosted other representative institution of the city and county: „I.G.Bibicescu” Library, Libera University, the Museum ”Dr. Constantin Istrate”, and the cinema.

Since the autumn of 2010, The Cultural Palace „Teodor Costescu” entered into a comprehensive rehabilitation project.