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Organization of sportive anglers “Gibort” Kladovo – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: Bountiful Natural Route

Name of the touristic attraction: Organization of sport anglers “Gibort” Kladovo

Location: Str. Obilićeva 4, 19 320 Kladovo, Borski District

Description: OSA “Gibort” is a sports, recreational, ecological, non-partisan, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit sports organization, established in December 1953, for the purpose of performing sports activities of its members (athletes) in the field of sportive fishing as a branch of sport, associate. The club is in the realization of its goals and tasks an independent organization, with the status of citizens’ association.
OSA “Gibort” has been a member of the Sports Association of the Municipality of Kladovo since 1973, and since 2006 it has been a regular sports federation of fishermen in Serbia. Members’ structure is regular, affiliated, honorable, deserving, helping others. “Gibort” has 299 direct and indirect members, mostly male seniors – 140 and veterans – 88. The organization brings together both juniors and cadets and women seniors. He has one trainer. There are no permanent employees.

Information and contact:
President of OSA ” Gibort ”, President of the Board and President of the Assembly
Davor Maljoković
str. Dunavska 32, II / 1 19320 Kladovo
Vice President of OSA “Gibort”
Zlatko Konstandinović
telephones of the organization:
+381 19 807 625 and +381 69 336 2 282

Route close to other thematic routes:
-Hydropower plant “Djerdap 1”
-Djerdap Gorge
-Archaeological site Diana

-Archeological site Fetislam

-Trajan’s bridge and board

Other useful information:

OSA “Gibort” Kladovo has organized so far, 44 competitions in the “hike to the float” discipline, where every year 15 teams from all over Serbia take part. He also organized 6 major international cheating competitions, with the participation of around 90 competitors from Serbia, Bosnia, Romania and Bulgaria.

In sport fishing OSA “Gibort” is the holder of numerous awards and the most important sports results are: 1. place for team in the league of Serbia in 2001, 1st place for team in the second league of Serbia in 2014, 5th place for team in the first league of Serbia 2015 and 7th place for team in the first league of Serbia in 2017.

The manner of performing recreational fishing is carried out in accordance with the Law on Protection and Sustainable Use of Fish Fund, by-laws and RP Danube Management Programs.