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The Municipal Organization of Sportive Fishermen “Timok” Negotin – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Bountiful Nature Route

Name of the touristic attraction: The Municipal Organization of Sportive Fishermen “Timok” Negotin

Location: OOSR Headquarters “Timok” is located in Kneza Mihaila Street, no. 25 in Negotin, 19 300 Negotin in Bor District.

Description: The municipal organization of sportive fishermen “Timok”, was founded 66 years ago in Negotin and gathers 600 recreational and sportive fishermen. It is engaged in sportive fishing, fishing on the float, in the location of Danube IV. The organization works on the basis of voluntary membership. The annual membership fee is 500 dinars.

Information and contacts:
President of OOSR “Timok” Negotin: Ivan Gogović
Technical secretary: Goran Kojić
telephone of the organization: +381 19 545 006

Route close to other thematic routes:
-Hydroelectric Power Plant “Iron Gate 2”

Other useful information: Sport fishing licenses are issued at the headquarters of the Municipal fishermen’s organization “Timok” in Negotin. The price of the license is 6 000 dinars for senior citizens, 3 000 dinars for disabled persons and persons older than 65 and 1 100 dinars for persons with severe disabilities. Permissions for pioneers are not charged.
OOSR “Timok” Negotin operates with PC “Srbijašume” and earns a 5% margin from the sold permits. The organization, through the Sports Association of the Municipality of Negotin, also has an annual grant of 300,000 dinars.
The organization of sport fishing in Negotin organizes competitions with similar organizations in the Republic of Serbia, Romania , Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the calendar, thanks to the Sports Association, members of the non-profit organization participate in 20 competitions. OOSR “Timok” organizes the League for its members, with the duration of 5 rounds, in Brza Palanka, through the competition draw. In that case, the first 10 members qualify for participation in the cups of the cities in Serbia.
“Timok” also organizes, in cooperation with the elementary school in that town, the Pioneer Camp, that lasts 3 days, in Brza Palanka. The school provides space for the children, and the cost of food is borne by the OOSR.
The manner of performing recreational fishing is carried out in accordance with the Law on Protection and Sustainable Use of Fish Fund, with the laws and Programs of the Danube River Basin Management and the Law of Fishing.