Trescovăț Volcanic Neck – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Trescovaț Mountain is a volcanic neck located in Almajului Mountains, near Svinița Village, Mehedinți county. This has fueled the Iron Gates Gorge with terrigenous volcano over Geologic Ages.

With an altitude of 755 m, Trescovaț Mountain is one of the highest mountains of the Iron Gates Natural Park. Belvedere points are at increasingly altitudes, highest point being Trescovaț mountain plateau with impressive views for both Romanian and Serbs lands.

The access to the Trescovaț Volcanic Neck is from the national road DN 57, 6 km from Svinița Village, beside Stariște halt, towards Berzeasca Commune.
Trescovaț volcanic Neck is a rocky formation that attracks attention with the volcanic rocks grandeur and beauty and also with belvedere points where you can see how the Danube managed to create a spectacular course through the mountains.

Trescovaț Mountain is impressive because of volcanic rocks (quartz porphyry, basalt), Banat Black Pine Clusters, enclaves of “Sibliacuri” (lilac, hornbeam, manna, sumac), also for that once arrived you have everything. From here, the view opens west to Ravensca, a Czech village and down the banks of the Danube is Serbian Greben.

Trescovaț Mountain is the benchmark of Trescovaț ecotourism route. The route doesn`t have high difficulty, exept for the actual climbing of the mountain in the eastern part where the slope may even reach 70o. Starting from Stariște Valley, along the route, at small intervals of time (about half an hour) there are belvedere points for Danube, Mala Cucuiova, Small Trescovaț and Large Trescovaț.