Koroglas Monastery – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The cultural heritage route

Name of the touristic attraction: Koroglas Monastery

Location: Negotin, Negotin Municipality, Bor District, Eastern Serbia, Serbia Republic.

The monastery is located 6 km North-West from Negotin and only 1.5 km from the nearby village of Milosevo.

Description: Several temples dating back in the Middle Ages, have been preserved in Negotin Krajina – Koroglas Monastery is one of the oldest church buildings in this area. Koroglas Monastery church is located near Negotin, near the village of Milosevo, on the valley of the Jasenicka river. A brief and incomplete description of Koroglas Monastery dates from the 19th century. More detailed descriptions of the building and the necropolis are related to F. Kanic, who in his book “Serbia – the Land and the Population from the Roman Period to the End of the 19th Century” provided the description of the church which he classified as a monument of the Byzantine style marked by: the style of its construction, the fresco painting, visible during its visit to Negotin region (Krajina), as well as the exterior decoration elements. The tubular bricks used for exterior decoration also indicate that this building is one of the Byzantine style monuments. The church has one nave with a narthex. Inside the church there were frescoes that were later destroyed.

Legend / Story / Impression/ Recommendation: There are many legends among people, related to the origin of the Korolais Monastery. According to one, it appeared here “out of the sinful land of Vlaska”, while the second says that it was built by Emperor Dusan in the memory of his colleagues kidnapped in a battle with the Bulgarians. According to the third legend, Marko Kraljevic (the prince) was buried here; on his way back from Wallachia, where he was wounded, he crossed the Danube with the Sarac horse and died in this place.

Conditions: The monastery can be reached on foot, by bicycle or by car.

Information and contacts:

Contact: Tourism Organization of Negotin Municipality

Address: Kraljevica Marka 6, 19300 Negotin

Phone: +381 19547555

Web: www.toon.org.rs

E-mail: toonegotin@gmail.com

Route close to other thematic route: Near the Koroglas monastery lies: six kilometers away from the central building of the Krajina Museum, the birthplace of the Stein Mokranjac Museum in Haiduk Veljko, the old church of the Nativity of the Virgin, the Holy Trinity Church, the powder mill (the only remnant of the Baba Finka fortress) ; 25 km from Negotin there is the archaeological site Vrelo-Sarkamen, 40 km from Negotin there is the Vratna Monastery and about 20 km from the town is the Rajac and Rogljevo wine cellars.

Other useful information: The municipality of Negotin is connected through a whole spectrum of traffic routes both with the Danube and with Corridor 10 and with the international crossings to Romania and Bulgaria. With the Djerdap highway, the area is linked to the regional roads: Negotin-Donji Milanovac and Negotin-Kladovo. The network and the quality of local roads in the Negotin Municipality are at a satisfactory level. From Belgrade, Negotin can be reached via the international road E 75 through Paracin (300 km), Smederevo, Pozarevac and Majdanpek (290 km), or via the Danube through Donji Milanovac (250 km). The distance from Nis is 150 km, from Zajecar-57km. The nearest town is Vidin in Bulgaria-55 km and the nearest town from Romania is Turnu Severin-80 km.

GPS Coordinates: lat, long: 44.268999, 22.521046