The Legend of Lazar’s Cave – Bor – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: The cultural heritage route

Name of the touristic attraction: The Legend of Lazar’s Cave – Bor

Description: According to legend known in the area, Lazar’s Cave near Zlot in the municipality of Bor and located in the Canyon of Lazar’s river was named after Prince Lazar.

The legend says that, after the battle from Marica in 1371, in which he was not personally involved, the horsemen of Prince Lazar came to this area, spent some time there and afterwards both the canyon and the river were named after Serbian Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic. The found bones of the domestic animals in one of the most beautiful canyons of Serbia testify that Lazar’s army lived and fed there; even today the researchers still find bones there.

In folk tradition the serbian ancestor and conqueror, who died in Kosovo in 1391 together with other great heroes, still lives like a king or prince, Lazar, who, 20 years before his death and after Marica battle, created the largest and the most powerful state in the territory of the former Serbian empire, with its capital in Krusevac.

There is another story, known as the so-called another version of the legend, according to which the cave was named after haiduk Lazar. He was constantly attacking the Turkish tyrants and consequently gained unimaginable wealth that he hid somewhere in the cave. People believe that there is great treasure lying somewhere deep inside the cave that has not been found yet.

Hence the story that the cave during the reign of the Ottomans was walled to prevent the outlaws and refugees from hiding there has been transferred from generation to generation.