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Steroid Al
Hunting Association “Bakar” Bor – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Bountiful Nature Route

Name of the attraction: Hunting Association “Bakar” Bor

Location: Lovačko Association “Bakar” Bor, Borski district, 19 210 Bor 1, Street: Šistekova 5 (Belgrade 17)

Description: Hunting Association “Bakar” based in Bor, was founded in March 1971. It manages the hunting ground “Bakar” with a total area of ​​67,835 ha, out of which the catchment area covers 55,969 hectares. The association has more than 600 active members. The game grown constantly in the hunting ground “Bakar” are deer, roe deer, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant, field partridge and stone partridge. The hunting ground has the following hunting facilities: 15 stable watchtowers, 35 on the tree, 48 feeding areas for deer, 51 feeding grounds for pheasants and partridges, 229 soles and 98 water-places. Association “Bakar” has a pavilion on the surface of 0.25 ha. The professional service has a hunting manager and game warden, who is assisted by 17 game warden volunteers in the hunting sections.

Information and contacts:
Representative of the Association: Aca Kuslic
telephone: +381 30 22 659

Phone in the Association: +381 30 242 265 9

Route close to other thematic routes:

-“Zlotske caves” which include all the caves within the Zloty canyon, in the area of ​​town Bor: Lazareva, Vernjikica, Mandina, Vodena, Hajdučica and others.



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Other useful information:
Hunting tourism is not developed to a sufficient extent, in the sense that the introduction of alpine goat on the terrains of the Veliki Krš and Mountain Stol would include a very interesting offer of hunting for the only European antelope.