Danubius Ship – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The Blue Path

Name of the Touristic Attraction: Danubius Ship

Location: Orşova, Mehedinţi County, 29 kilometers away from the town of Drobeta Turnu Severin.

Description: It is an old ship that once belonged to Nicolae Ceaușescu. Today it belongs to Sc. Danubius Cruises Srl. It is a dedicated ship exclusively for passenger transport, with a capacity of 40 people. The vessel is 24.92 m long and 4.30 m wide and was reconditioned last in 2011. Among the facilities of the ship, which are benefits of the tourists, we mention: two saloons with a bar, covered deck with banches, bow deck / stern ship, with chairs / benches, sanitary group, life jackets and amplifier station with microphones. The cruises on the Danube are organized for groups, but also individually (with reservation), with sightseeing of the main objectives in the area: the Small and Great Gorges, the Statue of Decebal, the Mraconia Monastery, etc. The ship can also host conferences and seminars as well as team buildings with practical applications.

Information and Contact:


Phone: +4 0747 875 816

E-mail: agrement.dunavis@yahoo.com

Website: www.vapor-danubius.ro

Sc. Cruises Danubius Srl offers 3 tourist routes:

  • Route 1 – the whole route (Orşova Gulf – Ponicova Cave)

– Duration: 3 hours

– price: 15 lei / pers

  • Route 2 – Orşova Golf – Small Gorges

– Duration: 2 hours

– price: 35 lei / pers

  • Route 3 – Orsova Golf

– Duration: 1 hour

– price: 50 / pers

The prices may vary depending on the number. of people in the group.

Services available on board:

– Audio Guide about the route

– Seats on benches / chairs at the covered terrace or restaurant lounge

– Access to toilets

– Soft drinks, coffee, ice cream, etc. (surcharge)

Route close to other thematic routes:

In the area you can also visit:

– The Iron Gates Region Museum – Orșova Branch

– St. Nicholas Church in Orșova

– Saint Ana Monastery

Cruises on the Danube can also be done from Orşova with:

Flamingo Boat: Tel: +4 0721 153893 (Patrașcu George), +4 0744 632322 (Ion Manea)

Dierna Boat: +4 0722231178 (Pătășanu Petre), +4 40 252 361 415

Other useful information:


Apolodor Hotel, tel: +40 352 415 925

Ţaka Guesthouse, tel: +40252 360 335

Damiro Guesthouse, nr. 13, tel: +40722 207 930

Meridian Hotel, tel: +40252 362 800

Casa Noastră Guesthouse, tel: +40745 110 839

Casa Verde, tel: +40744 954 191

Events in Orșova:

– Mihai Eminescu Festival, January 15;

– The Orșova Days on August 14-15,

– The Autumn Festival in October,

– Contests for young people: The Danube`s Pearl Festival, The Iron Gates Trophy, Robotor.

GPS Coordinates: lat / long: 44.735008, 22.406321