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Valja Prerast – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Cultural Heritage Route

Name of the attraction: Valja Prerast (Natural stone bridge)

Location: Rudna Glava, Municipality Majdanpek, Borski District, Eastern Serbia, Repulic of Serbia. Valja Prerast is located on regional road (Donji Milanovac – Majdanpek), 12,5 km from Majdanpek, and 40 km away from Donji Milanovac.  From the regional road, behind the village of Rudna Glava, Blizna on the left side of the road is a road sign leading to Valja Prerast. This natural monument is easily accessible by marked walking path. The distance from the parking lot to the Valja Prerast is about 1 km.

Description: Valja Prerast is natural stone bridge, placed under karstic mountain Veliki Krs. It is the largest natural stone bridge in Serbia, with a 10 meters hole at the level of the riverbed and a height of near 37 meters. The thickness of the limestone mass above the hole is 8 meters, the total height of the bridge is close to 45 meters. Creation of this natural stone bridge was not caused by the collapse of the cave ceiling, but by the local sinking of the watercourse.

Legend / Story / Impression / Recommendation: “Prerast” is a local name for this kind of nature attractions, and they got this name because they grow out of rivers. This kind of sculptural work of the nature is a rarity since it does not occur often in the relief. There are many local stories and one of the most known is that under this natural stone bridge is the passage between two worlds, rear one and parallel one.

Conditions: The road is not asphalted, but the touristic objective can easily be reached by walking 1 km. You can use bicycles too, or some off road vehicle.

Information and Contacts:

The best time to visit this objective is during the summer, when the water level is low .


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Route near to other thematic tourist routes: In the surrounding area there are: The Church of Saint Apostolos Peter and Paul in Majdanpek and Rajko’s Cave.

Other useful information: Valja Prerast can be reached through the main road Pozarevac – Negotin and from Majdanpek or Donji Milanovac you can get there with the local bus line. In Majdanpek there are hotels for accommodation and in the restaurants, you can try the local specialities.

GPS Coordinates: 44.362121, 21.991646