Steroid Al
Steroid Al
Route “Big Stirbicul and Little Stirbicul” – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Veliki i Mali Strbac (big știrbicul and little stirbicul) starting point: Pecika bara – ending point– Ploce

Duration 7-9 hours

It deviates from the national road Belgrade-Kladovo from the place called Pecikbara. On a forest road you reach Alibegovic Potok (Stream ofAlibeg) and there after at Ploce. From here the route bifurcates to Maliand Veliki Strbacand the Bad Hole Cave.Rarely you meet small area scontaining a large number of rare and such natural beauty and cultural and historical and memorials monuments. Natural beauties are the two peaks Maliand Veliki Strbac where grow over thirty varieties of rare plants are also several belvedere places (most spectacularly-Ploce). Cultural Monuments: Milloutlaws, Tabula Traiana.

Type of route: pedestrian

Accessibility – throughout the year

Recommended for– adventurous people/youth/ pairs

Length route: 16 km

Type of route: touristic

Type by difficulty: medium

With guide

Natural pointsof interest: a beautiful opening to the Danube.

Time to visit: from April to October

In the area are wild animals: goats and lynxes, birds: eagles (gray with white tail, huligaie), hawks, grouse, crows etc.

Accessibility: from the main road M25.1, from Donji Milanovac to Kladovo.