The Ecotouristic Route “Trescovăț” – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The main objective of the route is the Trescovăţ Mountain, a volcanic neck which supplied with terrigenous volcanic rocks the Iron Gates Defile through the geological eras.

Starting from Starişte Valley, along the route, at short periods of time (approx half an hour) we meet belvedere spots which allow us to admire: the Danube, Mala Cucuiova, the Small and Big Trescovăţ.

The belvedere places are situated at higher and higher altitudes, culminating with the Trescovăţ Mountain Plateau, and spot from where an impressive panorama can be admired upon the Romanian and Serbian parts as well. Reaching an altitude of 755 m, the Trescovăţ Mountain is one of the highest mountains in the Iron Gates Natural Park.

The rout’s difficulty is not high excepting the mountain eastern climbing region where the slope reaches even 700.

The route twists and turns through woods of oak, beech and the lawns with beard grass delight ones eyes with the vivid colours of the orchids, carthusian pinks and invite you to rest a while in these places of fairy-tale. Near the foot of the Trescovăţ Mountain you can slake your thirst with the waters of the spring Cozarişte (its name comes from the Serbian word: coza which means goat), well known by the locals.

The Trescovăţ Mountain is impressive due to the volcanic rocks (quartz porphyries, basalts), black pine of Banat clusters, enclaves of falling leaves bushes (lilac, flowering ash, smoke tree (“Rhus cotinus”) but also to the fact that, once you reach on the plateau, everything lies to your feet. From here, the site opens to the west till Ravensca, a village of Czechs and downstream, on the right side of the Danube, the Serb Greben can be observed.

The route lowers through the western side of the mountain towards one of the lordly houses from this area, The Lordly House of Petrovici Swetozar, where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine products.

Although it takes 8 hours, the route on the Trescovăţ Mountain will be an opportunity to the ecotourists to fill their soul and mind with hill, mountain and water landscape images, unique in their way but also with a singular picturesqueness in Romania.

GPS coordinates at route’s entry: 44.539376, 22.063839
GPS coordinates at route’s end: 44.559744, 22.034442
GPS coordinates at the volcanic neck: 44.563016, 22.055417