The Ecotouristic Route “Svinița – Tricule” – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Starting point/ location: DN57 (at 1 km away from Svinita towards Berzasca)

Duration: 5 hours

This route is 9 km long and it unites the Zelişte – Veligan Amphitheatre (from the western wing of the Sviniţa commune) with the formation of “Cioaca Borii” (east of Sviniţa).

This route unites the Zelişte – Veligan amphitheatre with the formation of “Cioaca Borii”.

The Zelişte – Veligan amphitheatre is an impressive amphitheatre made of the Lower Jurassic conglomerates (200 millions of years) of continental origin. From the amphitheatre’s steps it can be admired the still waters of the accumulation lake, Sviniţa locality (entirely removed), vestiges of the houses with traditional architecture of Serb influence and the church from the old village. In the breaches opened in the stone by the weather whims, found shelter a series of miraculous coloured rare plants, some present only in the Iron Gates region.

The ecotouristic route is strewn with many cabins where the travellers find shelter from the bad weather.

The last and in the same time scenically part is Cioaca Borii, a Permian formation (260 millions of years), on whose rocks the single population (wood) of black pine tree of Banat can be met in the Danube Defile. 12000-14000 years ago the black pine of Banat shaped compact pine formations but today it survives in dryness conditions only in Cioaca Borii. Nowadays the medieval fortress ruins from Tricule, which ends our route, have its foundation into the Danube’s waters, this old river which carries the Europe’s 2000 years old history on its shoulders.

The ecotouristic route Sviniţa – Tricule is by tours a tale about geology, life and Europe’s border region history.