The Eco-touristic Trail “Dubova-Ciucaru Mic” – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The Hiking Route

Name of the Touristic Attraction: The Eco-touristic Trail “Dubova-Ciucaru Mic”

Location: in Mehedinți County. The access to the route is made from DN57 national road, from Dubova Bay, about 24 km away from Orşova towards Moldova Nouă.

Description: The Eco-touristic Route is made of mountain paths that cross oak and beech forests and numerous meadows. The landscape on this route is typical of a gorge. Here are many forms and microforms of relief. On this route we encounter The Small Boilers (Cazanele Mici) Plateau, where there are 140 million years old limestone, clints and the “sibliacuri terțiare” (vegetal associations mainly made of lilac, “carpiniță” – carpinus orientalis, “mojdrean” – fraxinus ornus, “scumpie” – cotinus) come from warmer interglacial periods. This is the only place in the world where the Danube Boilers yellow tulips, grow.



– route length: approx. 9 km

– average scroll time: about 4 hours

– degree of difficulty: medium

– does not require special physical training (moderate exercise)

– marked with an equilateral yellow triangle with a white border

            – Depending on the season it is recommended:

  1. Equipping with boots and waterproof clothing
  2. Endowment with at least one bottle of 1 liter of water per person and a support stick

– For this route, the tourists have to be accompanied by the rangers of the Iron Gates Natural Park, as well as for all the routes, because here can be found natural elements of inestimable value for Romanian as well as for European geology, flora and fauna.  

Informații și Contact:

Traseul se află pe teritoriul administrativ al Parcului Natural Porțile de Fier:

phone/ fax: +4 0252 360 511,

phone: +4 0372 702 529,



Route close to other Thematic Routes:

In the area you can visit:

       – Decebal Statue, in Dubova

       – Mraconia Monastery

       – Ponicova Cave

       – Veterani Cave

Other useful information:


      “Decebal” Pension, phone: +4 0747 808 585

      “Melba” Pension, phone: +4 0727 474 179

      “Dubova” Pension, phone: +4 0747 094 173

      “Cabana Delfinul” Pension, phone: +4 0740 791 538

GPS Coordinates:

The beginning of the route – N44 37.478, E22 15.459

The ending of the route – N 44.632896, E 22.279569