“Alion” Ecoturism Route – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Access is on the European road E70 outside the city of Orsova to Drobeta Turnu Severin, about 4.2 km from the Orsova station.

Ecotourism route starts from the Tarziu viaduct.

Route length – about 4,5 km, which is crossed in about 3 hours.

The route is marked with a yelow triangle with white edge.

It’s a route of medium difficulty; minimal exertion requiring no special physical preparation, being a short route in relation with distance and travel time of it.

Ecotourism route starts at the eastern end of the viaduct, on a path that once, before raising the lake water, land link with the locals of Orsova and Tufari, beyond the hill.

The route continues to Ogasului Tarziu, in an area of mesothermal forests of oaks. A more difficult part, on a rocky ridge, slightly steep, is an opening for admiring the beautiful landscape. Approximately 30 minutes from the entry on this route, Serbian limestone cliffs of Severin Parautohtonului can be seen as reflected in the calm waters of the Danube.

Enclaves offers splendid belvedere points encountered by the Danube, the Iron Gates I and even the town Kladovo from Serbia & Montenegro. Between Voicului Peak (289.5 m) and Alion Hill (316 m) farmland and grassland ridge of Culmii Campului Lung demonstrates continuity of local traditional activities: agriculture and livestock.

Alion is an impressive hilltop belvedere point. On the evening, light rain dam of Iron Gates I give a real show. From mobile relays located on the top of Alion hill to the Alion, the view opens to Cerna Bay.

It is a short route but has delightful landscapes and openings to the Danube.