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Trajan`s Bridge – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: The Cultural Heritage Route

Name of the attraction: Trajan’s Bridge

Location: Kostol Village, Kladovo Municipality, Bor District, Eastern Serbia, Serbia

Description: Trajan’s Bridge was built in the early second century AD, upon the orders of the Roman Emperor Marcus Ulpius Nerva Trajan, after he conquered Dacia, an area that occupied the territory where Romania is today. The bridge was built in only three years and was opened in 105 AD. The exact location of the bridge is between today’s village Kostol on the Serbian side and the city of Drobeta Turnu Severin on the Romanian side where there the remains of the first bridge pillars can be found. The bridge was 1.097,5 meters long and for about 1.000 years, was considered to be the longest bridge ever built in the world. The bridge was designed by the greatest architect of that time,Apolodor from Damascus. Archaeological remains of Trajan’s Bridge and Roman settlement Pontes are located about five kilometers away from Kladovo, east part of  Kostol village. The bridge is one of the most important masterpieces of Roman architecture, and found its place on Trajan’s Column in Rome.

Legend/ Story/ Impressions/ Recommendations: The bridge was constructed on 20 pillars built of stone, it was 1.097,5 meters long with arches high above the water. The dimensions of the pillars are about 18-19 m x 33-34 m and their length was perpendicularly oriented to the river flow; they had beak-shaped extensions in  front and back, which minimized the pressure. The foundations of the pillars and the gates were built of very hard cement, made of gravel pressed into the mortar; rows of bricks were placed on them and the pillars had a mortar core. The upper part of the bridge was made of timber, using the-so-called “grill”- transversely and longitudinally placed wooden beams, that were passing through the middle, providing greater compactness of Apolodor’s structure. The bridge was demolished upon the orders of Emperor Aurelian (270-275) when the Romans had to leave the province of Dacia, under the invasion of the barbarian tribes. According to other sources it was destroyed 20 years after its construction, upon the orders of the Emperor Hadrian (117-138), which is less likely because the Romans still ruled Dacia at that time, and others believe that it broke up much later, under the influence of water.

Conditions: When you leave Kladovo and take the road towards the village of Kostol and continue to the left, towards east, about 5.1 km farther to the left, you can find a lane, at 550 m, leading to the remains of a large coastal pier of the famous Trajan’s Bridge.,

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Tourism Organization of Kladovo Municipality

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Route close to other thematic routes: In the vicinity of this touristic attraction there are areas suitable for hunting, fishing and sailing.

Other useful information: The first pillar of the bridge, near Pontes, bears the board with the following text: „Trajan, the divine Caesar, grandson and descendant of the divine emperor Hadrian, the creator of the big bridge, the powerful tribune, representative of the people, by crossing the water, conquered the colony of Dacia…”.

GPS Coordinates:  lat, long: 44.614158, 22.667914