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The volcanic neck „Trescovăț” – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The cultural heritage route

Name of the touristic attraction: The volcanic neck „Trescovăț”

Location: In Almăjului Mountains, near Svinita Commune from Mehedinți County.

Description: Trescovăţ Mountain, the point of reference for the route Starişte-Trescovăţ, is a volcanic neck that constituted, over the geological era, the source of terrigenous vulcanite for the whole Iron Gates Defile. It has an altitude of 755 m, being one of the highest mountains in the Iron Gates Natural Park. Along the route to Trescovăţ Mountain, there are several belvedere points, situated at different altitudes. They culminate with the plateau of Trescovăţ Mountain, the place that offers an extremely beautiful panorama that unites the Romanian landscapes with the Serbian ones. It is the place from where the Serbian Greben can be admired. On the west part, the view extends to Ravensca, a Czech village. From the geological point of view, the volcanic neck Trescovăţ is a rocky formation that captures the attention due to the volcanic rocks from which it is formed, namely quartzifere, basalt porphyry etc. Its belvedere points tell the story of the Danube river’s route among the rocky mountains. Some of the attractions of Trescovăţ Mountain are the black pine groves of Banat and also the enclaves of “Sibliacuri” (lilac, hornbeam, manna, sumac).

Information and Contact:

The access to the route leading to Mount Trescovăţ is made from DN 57, 6 km away from Sviniţa Commune, near the stop named Starişte, towards the direction to Moldova Nouă.

Route close to other thematic route:

In the area, you can also visit:

– Tricule Fortress

– Eibenthal Village

– Danube Gorge

– Cioaca Borii

– The Ethographic Museum from Svinița

– The Water Mills

Other useful information:

Events in Svinita Commune:

– The Fig Festival, in August-September

– The Feast of the Danube Villages, in July

– The Hitting of the Eggs, on Easter

– “Maica Calea” Custom,  in spring

– The Feast of Twinning, in May

GPS Coordinates: lat, long:  44.5642157, 22.0561718, elevation: 656 m