Stol Mountain – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: The hiking Route
Name of the touristic attraction: Stol Mountain
Location: Bor Municipality, Borski District, Eastern Serbia, Republic of Serbia
Description: Between the Great, Little Karst and Deli Jovan, the Goli Krš settled down, with its elevated part called Stol, the second highest altitude mountain peak in the municipality of Bor (1156m). Steep cliffs with a fall of layers up to 40 degrees west and rugged peaks provide excellent conditions for hiking and extreme sports such as skydiving and paragliding, and the wider area is exceptionally for walking tours. There are 13 mountain hiking trails.
At the foot of the mountain peak, next to the Mountaineering House there is a small mountain lake, which during the summer months it is suitable for swimming.
Accommodation is possible in the Hiking Center. Guests are hikers, lovers of sports fishing, paragliding, hunters, scouts, recreational people, hikers and many other lovers of beautiful landscapes.
Route close to other thematic route: Bor is about 20 kilometers away, and it is easily accessible from the direction of Krivelj, Bučje or Donje Bele reke i Luke.
In the vicinity there are: Lazar’s cave, Lazar’s canyon, Brestovačka spa, Bor Lake and Crni vrh mountain.
Other useful information: The area of ​​Bor municipality is connected with a whole spectrum of traffic routes both with the Danube and the Corridor 10 and with the international crossings towards Romania and Bulgaria.
With the Djerdap highway, the area is connected with the regional roads: Bor-Donji Milanovac, Bor-Negotin-Kladovo and Bor-Požarevac-Smederevo. The network and quality of local roads in the municipality of Bor is at a satisfactory level.
Bor has an airport, which allows creating conditions for air traffic.
GPS coordinate: lat, long:  44.172867 (44 ° 10’22.32 “N), 22.123692 (22 ° 7’25.29” E)