Steroid Al
Steroid Al
Tourism Organisation of Negotin Municipality – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Tourism organization of Negotin was established by the Decision of Negotin Municipality in 2006 and received status of public law body. TOO Negotin was established as a separate organization for doing business tourism promotion, preservation and protection of tourism values in the municipality of Negotin.

TOON performs the following activities: Improvement and promotion of tourism in the municipality; Program encourages the construction of tourism infrastructure and development of space; Coordinate activities and cooperation between business and other entities in the tourism industry that directly and indirectly act on the improvement and promotion of tourism; Providing information – material that promotes tourism values of the local government (printed publications, audio and promotional materials, web sites, souvenirs); Collect and publish to information on the overall tourism offer in its territory, as well as other activities important for tourism; Organizes and participates in the organization of tourist, scientific, professional, sporting, cultural and other meetings and events; Form a tourist information center – for the reception of tourists, providing free information to tourists, data collection information for tourists, introducing tourists to the quality of tourism, introduction of the competent authorities with complaints of tourists, etc.

TOON organizes initiatives primarily focused on tourism, entrepreneurship encouragement and support, promotion and trainings. TOON actively working on development on rural tourism, nautical tourism, wine tourism and active vacation. We organized education and study tours for local community and tourism stakeholders through the projects and as a regular activity as well.

Under IPA CBC PROGRAMM –BG –SRB Call No:2007CB16IPo006-2011-2, TOON was Lead partner on project ‘’Tourism Triathlon: Hike, Bike and Canoe from Iron Gate to Golden Horn’’ and was responsible for overall coordination, management and administration of the project.  The Lead Partner was directly responsible for: structuring of Tourism Triathlon product, the procurement and setting up of small scale infrastructure, organization of the promotional tour and tourism fair presentations and the audit. Total value of the project: 155.223,27€. Period of implementation:11/2013-11/2014

Under project ‘’Changing Face of Tourism Space in Lower Danube’’ financed by the European Union and Austrian Development Agency through programme IPA 2011 Socio-economic Development of the Danube Serbia Region, as a Lead Partner TOON worked for establishing tourism itinerary/product Iron Gate, procurement of two catamarans, development of printed material and souvenirs, organization of the training program, promotional tours and tourism fair presentations. Total value of the project: 224.825,24€. Period of implementation: 09/2013-02/2015