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Topolnița River – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The Cultural Heritage Route

Name of Tourist Attraction: Topolnița River

Location: in Mehedinți County

Description: The course of the Topolnița River connects the two hilly massifs of Matorat and Chiciurei. The river springs from the Malarișca commune in Mehedinţi County, passes by Sfodea, then forms the unique gorges of Straja Mică. This observation point is known since the time of the Turks coming from Ada-Kaleh Island. Then the clear waters of Topolnița are absorbed into a long cave. After a long trail of several hours, on bare slopes and narrow paths, the cold waters of Topolniţa reappear slightly above the Topolniţa Hermitage Monastery, built by Captain Buligă Mehedinţeanu.

Legend / Story / Impressions / Recommendations: The legend says that Milos Obrenovici, who, when he was removed from leadership by the rival dynasty of Serbia, Karageorgevici, sought refuge in Romania, taking with him the gold of the crown of Serbia, which he buried with the help of to some faithful servants whom he had taken with him. But the people who helped him conceal the treasure were trapped by the outlaws in the area and barbarically tortured to make them reveal the secret of the treasure. Extremely faithful, the Serbs stubbornly endured the torture and preferred to die rather than betray the secret that had been entrusted to them. But behind them remains a curse that affects all those who will ever try to find the treasure. The locals in Mehedinţi County believe that gold would have been hidden somewhere, on a hill near the springs of Topolnița river. And the curse seems to be as real as all those who dug in this area to find the treasure have been hit by lightning. The locals believe that Obrenovici’s gold is defended by an evil spirit that frees the rage of the sky over all those who crave the treasure paid with human blood.

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GPS Coordinates: lat, long: 44.7266798, 22.6402746, elevation: 127 m