Promoting the cultural, natural and history inheritance of the Svinita commune – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The project„Promoting the cultural, natural and history inheritance of the Svinita commune and strengthening the industry of local, regional and national tourism. Presenting the importance of unique attractions of the commune and increasing the number of visitors on the short and medium term”, was financed within the Regional Operational Program  2007-2013 and co- financed by the European Union by the European Regional Development Fund.

The purpose of the project was to promote the tourism potential, the natural historic and civilization resources of the commune by specific marketing and communication methods in order to increase the number of visitors and to consolidate the local and national tourism.

During the project, the following activities were achieved :

  • Requirements analysis, design and implementation of marketing and communication platform;
  • Requirements analysis, design, implementation and testing e-tourism software application;
  • Creation and installation of information boards, editing and production of informative materials on print and multimedia support (leaflets, CDs, multimedia, flyers, posters), outdoor advertising (banners, street meshes);
  • Making a tour guide and a monograph with touristic sights from Svinita;
  • Making a stand for participation in fairs and exhibitions, and participation in fairs and exhibitions in the country;
  • Online activities for promotion, organizing photo  and video sessions, press releases, both in the online and traditional media;
  • Establish a marketing study.