Partnership for Rural Development – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The project „Partnership for Rural Development” – Project ID 86962, co-financed from the European Social Fund Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013.

The project was implemented in partnership with Svinița and Isverna and aimed to increase the quality of human resources in rural areas encouraging the participation in integrated employment programs to facilitate access to employment in non-agricultural activities for a target group of 205 persons, out of which 129 are women.

The project achieved the following activities:

  • Conduct an information and awareness campaign in the two areas covered by the project;
  • Provide active measures on labour market for 205 people, by information and professional conciliating activities;
  • Establishment of two centres of information and career counselling;
  • Providing programs of professional training;
  • Vocational courses;
  • Training of 120 people in four occupations / qualifications for non-agricultural activities, thereby increasing the skill levels of people in target areas;
  • Establish and update a website (

The professional training courses carried out within the project were the following:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – entrepreneurial course cumulative 80 hours of theoretical and practical training, and participants gained information and have developed essential skills for business management. Students have completed a business development stages (formalities for setting up a company, obtaining finance, strategic planning); 30 people certified in acquiring entrepreneurial skills and training in health and safety at work.

ICT – course proper use of the computer and information processing at the level of initiation. A cumulative 90 hours of theoretical and practical training to corresponded to the actual requirements of the labour market; 30 people-skills certificates. For the two courses the Pro-Mehedinti Association is authorized.

MAID – The course followed the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to develop adequate maid profession, high standards of quality. During a cumulative 360 hours; 30 qualified in maid occupation.

TRADE WORKER – the course followed the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to develop adequate and high training standards of the profession of commercial worker. During a cumulative 360 hours; 30 qualified trade worker occupation.