Cross-border Danube Itineraries – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The Project „Cross-border Danube Itineraries” was financed by the European Union through the Romania-Serbia 2005 Neighborhood Program.

The project aimed to facilitate the visibility of the tourism potential, and consequently, development of tourism in the border region Mehedinţi – Borski; to develop the traditional links between local communities of the border region; to renew the interest towards the natural values, historical, religious and cultural identity of the region by identifying and promoting the common features of local communities on both sides of the Danube.

The project achieved the following activities:

  • Established and set up a database of travel information on the natural and cultural tourism in the border region;
  • Placed an Info-kiosk with virtual tourist itineraries in the cross-border region. The application is easily accessed by the tourists passing through the crossing point of the Iron Gates I.
  • Created and organized a photo exhibition on “border zone: past and present” (bilingual exhibition);
  • Printed a bilingual guide tour of the cross-border region Romania-Serbia;
  • Visually signalled the tourist objectives in the cross-border region by 2 indicating panels placed in the border area, close to the border, in places of rest and visibility, so they can be studied by tourists.
  • Made 2 documentaries that highlights and promotes the religious objectives and tourist attractions of the Romania-Serbia cross-border region. A documentary movie on religious themes has as subject the life of St. Nicodim of Tismana, who built monastic establishments both in Borski and Mehedinti and still exists even today and the second film promotes the tourist attractions in the Borski area and is addressed particularly to the Romanian tourists, eager to visit that area.