Made in the Iron Gates – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The Project ”Made in the Iron Gates” was financed under Romania – Republic of Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme, a program financed by the European Union through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) and co-financed by the partner states in the program.

The project was implemented by Pro-Mehedinti Association in partnership with the Tourist Organization of Municipality Majdanpek (Republic of Serbia).

The general objective of the project was to create the premises for socio-economic growth based on the development of the quality cross-border tourism.

Among the activities conducted in the project, it is mentioned:

  • Team organization and project launching;
  • Creating the database “Made in Iron Gates”;
  • Making the logo “Made in Iron Gates”;
  • Organizing 5 seminars on entrepreneurial skills topics;
  • Handicraft workshops;
  • Exchange of best practices in tourism;
  • The Romanian-Serbian Conference “Joint tourism development in the Iron Gates”;
  • Exhibition “Made in Iron Gates”;
  • Making 10 tourist feature reports „Made in The Iron Gates”;
  • Creating the virtual tourist information centre „Made in The Iron Gates”;
  • Project information and advertising;
  • Achievement of the project management.

The results achieved by the project are:

  • creating a database with touristic information in the area;
  • creating a logo “Made in Iron Gates” in order to create the identity of the Iron Gates area;
  • creating 10 models with tourist objectives;
  • organizing 5 seminars on entrepreneurial skills topics;
  • 20 Romanian locals and 5  Serbian locals trained to manufacture tourist souvenirs;
  • 20 models of souvenirs;
  • 1000 copies of Book of artisans in the Iron Gates area;
  • the guide  “How to capitalize the natural and human potential of villages”;
  • the Romanian-Serbian conference “Joint tourism development in the Iron Gates”;
  • the souvenirs exhibitions „Made in The Iron Gates”;
  • the setup of Romanian-Serbian association for  Joint tourism in Iron Gates;
  • 10 tourist feature reports „Made in The Iron Gates”;
  • 1000 DVDs with 10 tourist feature reports;
  • 1 virtual tourist information centre “Made in Iron Gates”.

The target group of the project was:

  • 100 Romanian locals participants to seminars;
  • 20 Romanian locals attending to the handicraft workshops;
  • 5 Serbian locals trained to use molds to create souvenirs;
  • 25 Romanian persons certified as guest-house administrators;
  • Minimum 41 participants to the Romanian-Serbian conference;
  • 300 tour-operators from Romania and Serbia;
  • 10.000 tourists who visit the Iron Gates;
  • Local public authorities in Mehedinti and Bor;
  • Viewers in Mehedinti and Bor.