Danube with no frontiers – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The Project  „Danube with no frontiers” was financed by the European Union by the Neighbourhood Programme Romania-Serbia.

The project aimed to stimulate the development of rural tourism and promote the ethno-cultural tourism landmarks of the Danube river border region Mehedinţi-Bor, by strengthening the sustainable links between Romanian and Serbian communities in order to develop the tourism and facilitate the cross-border intercultural communication.

The project achieved the following activities:

  • Establish a database of cultural – artistic and sports events, festivals, fairs and folk events coastal towns of the DanubeRiver border region Mehedinţi – Bor;
  • Identify and contact the Romanian and Serb tour operators in the project area;
  • Organize a work seminar with the Romanian and Serb tour operators from the Mehedinţi-Bor region;
  • Organize 10 conferences on agro-tourism;
  • Set an Info Pack stand with cards containing travel and a catalog of popular events from the Danube river border area, published in Romanian, Serbian and English;
  • Realization of a tourism virtual centre of the Danube Bor-Mehedinţi region, practically a web page that contains all the necessary tourist information of this area;
  • Organize the tourism fair “Danube with no frontiers“, with the participation of the Romanian and Serb tour operators from Mehedinti-Bor;