The Story of Captain Miša Anastasijević (1803-1885) – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The cultural heritage route

Name of the Touristic Attraction: The Story of Captain Miša Anastasijević (1803-1885)

Description: Miša Anastasijević was born on the island of Poreč (the first location and name of Donji Milanovac) from the father, Anastas and the mother, Ruza. He lost both parents early and grew up with his stepmother, Milja. Due to the poverty in which he grew up, he dealt with all sorts of things: he was a fisherman, worker/ laborer at the barges, he traded ox horns and deer antlers and salt and consequently acquired great wealth. He bought his first merchant ship for work on the Danube from the money earned by trading the deer antlers. An interesting fact is that one of his jobs was teaching, therefore he remained recorded as the youngest teacher – he was only 12 years old when he was a teacher. He married the sister of the prince Milos secretary – Hristina. This opened the door to progress for him: he was appointed commercial agent on the Danube and automatically became a court supplier of dry fish and caviar, Krajina-Kljuc wines. In 1833 he received the title of captain of the Danube – hence he became known as Captain Miša among the people. Wealth of Miša Anastasijević at that time could be compared with the wealth of princes in Europe. Miša Anastasijević was a great benefactor of the Serbian people: he helped the theater, the reading rooms, the youth and poor children of Poreč area (by providing them with education and dowry) and the crown of his benevolence is a gift representing the building that now serves as the seat of the Belgrade University. He bought a large property in Wallachia and moved to Romania, where he died in 1885 (Bucharest). He was buried in the church Kležanima which he had built in his lifetime.