The Great Cave from Balta – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The Great Cave from Balta it is situated in the area of Balta Locality (Mehedinți) and it is dug in Jurassic-neocomial limestone, from Dealul Pesterii Mountain, at the place called ”The field of the Cave”.

It is a complex cave formed of two sub-horizontal, almost parallel galleries, each of them with its fossil, sub-fossil and active sectors.

There are threes entrances in the cave: the northern entracnce which coresponds with insurgency and other two entries which correspond to resurgence. Between them there is a gallery called The Link Gallery. The Link Gallery, previously considered as The Small Cave from Balta, has a length of 220m, with a few straits difficult to penetrate. It shows weak meandering sectors, up to 5 m high and 12 levels of erosion modeling, representing as many stages of the cave network assets.

The walls and the ceiling of the cave are covered with formations, especially in the Gururi Gallery.

It is a warm cave, very humid and with air currents. Although the fauna is relatively rich (gastropods, amphipods, araneides, miopods, coleoptera), there is only one species of troglodion.