Gramei Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Grama Cave is situated in Podeni Locality, Mehedinți County, and it is dug in the right wall of the Topolnița Valley, in Croavelor Mountain, at 445 m altitude.

It is a cave developed on a system of cracks, with fossil galleries and sub-fossil galleries, 390 m long. The cave presents two floored galleries. The gallery on the right, 3m up, starts with narrow points, then widens forming a relatively high and big hall, where one can cross to the left gallery. The left gallery, much wider, presents numerous levels of erosion and an oval vertical profile, being developed mostly on cracks. Behind the calcite area, the gallery continues in straight line, lowered and narrowed, and after a short journey it becomes inaccessible. From the calcite area one can continue to the west, on the Corridor with bank, after having crossed a 3 m well first. At the beginning, the corridor is low, then it becomes higher, it has the ceiling covered in mud soil, being entirely flooded during the floods. At the ending part, it bifurcates itself.

The cave was dug by the water from Croavele Peșterii, which is lost in the lime of the Cusacu Hill, at 470 m altitude, through some lateral slopes.

It is a warm cave, humid as well, and has changes of air currents in the entrance area.

The fauna is relatively rich in isopods, opilionide, araneide, millipedes, springtails, beetles, diptera and bats.

Visiting conditions: it is easy to walk up to the Muddy Corridor, where it becomes more difficult and one needs special equipment. Illuminating means are necessary too.