Dealul Curecea Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

It is also known as the Cave of Cornetul Malariscăi, Gaura lui Rascraci, the Cave from Curecea.

It is situated on the territory of Balta Locality (Mehedinți). It is dug out in the Dealul Curecea Mountain, at the place called by the locals “At the Cemetery”.

The entrance to the cave is at the crossroads of Răscrăcea. The downhill in the aven faces no major difficulty but it must be done with great care, especially in the inferior area where the grohotist is slippery and unstable.

It is a large cave (over 4 km) developed on two levels (one is inferior and active and the another one is fossil) representing a hydro-geological piercing of the lime barrier towards the stream with the same name.

The walls and the ceiling of this cave are almost nude, only inside the fossil corridors there are some formations. In the north part of the cave there are layers of silex formations (black) covered in manganese oxide. From the point of view of the speleotems it is noted by the various forms of erosion of the limestones and less by the variety of calcite speleothems.

Due to its beauty and to the fact that it is an unaltered cave it has been declared a speology reservation. The access to the cave is relatively easy during summer, when the water level in the cave lowers or completely disappears, and during the rainy periods it is possible only with special equipment (boats, neoprene etc.).

It is a warm cave, very humid and crossed by air currents.

Visitation conditions: the cave can be visited easily with a protection equipment and means of illumination.