Natural Bridge Cave or Cave Ponoarele – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

The cave is located in the area of the Ponoarele locality, near the Natural Bridge from Ponoarele. It has 734 m length and represents the first water drainage between Zaton and the locality riddle basement galleries. The cave is located just below the hill that bears his name being the only line between the Grat and the Small Zaton perfomed at ground level.

The entrance has an arch form showing similarity to the Bridge having a width of 15 m and a height of over 3 m. The descent in the cave is slippery because the water is dripping from the ceiling and the cave is always flooded when the Zaton water rises.

After a hundred yards the gallery branches off to the right to exit from Zaton, but te road is blocked by the strainer presence through which communcation with the ground floor is made.

On the left side, after climbing, you enter directly into The Fossil Gallery showing iteresting formations of stalactites and stalagmites in red – yelow. Gallery has some lateral branches and hosts a colony of bats protected by law. The cave should be visited with a guide and with a proper equipment. It is a cave formed of a network of fossil, sub-fossil and active galleries. The main gallery has an accentuated sub-fossil feature because of the collapsing. The fossil gallery is very rich in formations, and tubular stalactites are predominant.

The fauna is rich in gasteropde, isopods, araneide, miropode, beetles, but no troglobiont.

Visitation conditions: The cave is easy to visit, but requires means of illumination and protection equipment.