Bulba Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

It is known also as Big Cave or The Cave from Baia.

Bulba cave is situated close to Baia de Aramă, on the way to Ponoarele.

It is a big cave (4 km), having two floors, an active one and a fossil one, mentioned in literature for its diversity and beautiful shapes, especially the drapes (or vales), among the most beautiful in the country.

The protection of these beautiful shapes is made in a natural way due to the difficult access to the cave, one can enter the cave through the inferior active floor which is a very low gallery, wrinkled from place to place and permanently crossed by the subterraneous stream.

The active floor is 950 m long and it is crossed by the subterraneous stream which has its origins in the slope of the Natural Bridge, Zaton and the ones at Gura Iepurelui, Valea Găinii, Valea Mică and Valea Mare. The sub-fossil floor (Gallery with Firs and Fachirilor Gallery) continues on the same direction with the active floor being approx. 1200 m long.

It is a warm cave, humid and crossed by low intensity air currents.

The fauna is rich in: isopods, araneide, mites, miropode, Diptera, Coleoptera and two troglobitic species.

Visiting conditions: depending on the phreatic level of the area, the access to the cave is possible only 3-4 months/year and using special equipment (neoprene, ropes etc).