Bulba Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: Caves Route

Name of Touristic Attraction: Bulba Cave -The cave is also known by the locals as the Great Cave or the Baia Cave

Location: in Mehedinți County. It is located at an altitude of 325m, at the level of the valley of the Bulba stream, at the base of the right slope of the homonymous valley, on DJ 670, about 4 km away from Baia de Aramă, in the vicinity of Ponoarele commune, Mehedinţi county, and lies below the Brăzişori and Cornet hills, over a distance of 1560 m long.

Description: It is still an active cave through which the water from the two Zaton Rivers flows. This makes that the entrance in the cave is difficult enough. Mixed, sub-horizontal cave, made up of a network of three-level galleries, it is ranked in the large caves category of the country occupying the 15th place. Bulba Cave is known in the specialized literature for the diversity and beauty of speleothems, especially the curtains or veils, considered being among the most beautiful in the country. The protection of these speleothems is made in a natural way because the access to the cave is a difficult one. The access is possible through the lower floor, which is a low gallery continuously crossed by the underground stream. The first floor has a length of 950 m and is the main route of the cave and its active floor. The second floor is known as the sub fossil floor. Here the waters only reach when the lake is at its maximum capacity. The underground floor has 1200m and consists of several galleries. One of them is the Anastomotic Gallery. The access to the upper galleries is only possible through the Balcony, a transit point between the galleries. The most interesting gallery of the cave is the Fossil Gallery, 1250 m long. In total, the cave has 4860 m of galleries.


The cave is only accessible to the tourists for 3-4 months a year, when the waters of the Bulba Lake grow lower because of the drought and can only be visited with special equipment.


Information and Contact:

The cave is administrated by Mehedinti Geoparc Plateau:

phone/fax: +4 372 521 116,

website: http://www.geoparcmehedinti.ro,

e-mail: geoparcmehedinti@gmail.com

Route closed to other thematic routes:

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– Baia de Aramă


Other useful information


Conacu’ Boierului pension: Ponoarele commune, tel: +4 0740 057 390

BORLOVEANU DUMITRU pension: Ponoarele commune, tel: +4 0252.381.545

POPESCU pension: Ponoarele commune, tel: +4 0252 381 542


GPS coordinates: Lat/Lng:44.9826851,22.7679348, DJ 670, Romania