Băluța Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Băluța Cave is located near the Băluța Village, on Băluța Keys.

It is an unvisited cave but the location is one of an overwhelming beauty.

It is 248 m lenght and Mr. Cristian Goran charted it for the first time. It is diveded on two levels: the lower level, flooded and the higher level, a fossil type one, with two floors: one flooded almost all the time and the above one with different fossil karst formations.

Băluța cave is one of the largest eastern karst cavity cave being a temporary resurgence of the Rîieni Valley. It’s gallery develops on two floors, the lower one, which is composed of a succession of traps with pressure pipes flooded most of the year. The fossil floor is connected to the first floor by galleries and shafts; it has collapsed areas and forms of concretion.

Access in on the right side of the road.