Balta Cave – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: Caves Route

Name of Touristic Attraction: Balta Cave

Location: in Balta Commune, Mehedinți county

Description: On the road that comes from Baia de Aramă and passes through Balta commune, near a trot at the end of the commune, the Topolniţa Valley passes over a footbridge, following a path in the right slope. At one kilometer away, the trail is intersected by a stream. In the southern part, to the Gorneşti hill, after another 300 m of walking, there is the Balta Cave, whose opening is known as the “Cave Field”, at an altitude of 500 m. Considered one of the most interesting  speleological-touristic objectives met along the Baia de Aramă – Drobeta-Turnu Severin route, the Balta Cave crosses the main karst area of the Mehedinți Plateau. It is 3.5 km away, in the South-South-West part of the commune with the same name. It is a complex cave that comprises two almost parallel galleries that are oriented to the north. Balta cave has three entrances. The northern entrance is connected with the insurgency and the other two entrances, resurgence, forming a gallery called the Link Gallery. The link gallery is also known as the Small Cave of Balta and has a length of 220 m and the dimensions are relatively small, with weak meandering sectors, up to 5 m high and shaped by 12 erosion levels. In the first part, this gallery has a phreatic morphology, with labyrinthine branches, cavernous forms of dissolution, corrosion dome and hiegoglife. Over time, downpours that pass through part of the gallery formed different forms of leakage, such as erosion waves. The ceiling of the gallery consists of alluvial material and a stalagmite crust. The underground stream that runs through the Link Gallery disappears and reappears in the south, where it is confluent with another creek that runs through the Gurus Gallery. It was formed in parallel with the Link Gallery, but its dimensions are much larger. Its heights reach up to 10 m and the widths is between 3 and 5 m. At the end of the gallery there is a very large hall of 35×20 m, but the main attraction of this gallery are the calcitic formations: gorges, stalagmites, stalactites, parietal and some massive columns. Some of these formations were used as a building material. The cave is a spectacular place for photographers. It can be explored in any season without special equipment. However, high boots, helmet and powerful lighting sources are recommended.

Legend / Story / Impressions / Recommendations: It was reported for the first time by V. Dumitrescu in 1880, but it was only in 1913 first described by the biologist C.N. Ionescu. Between 1928 and 1930, a series of biological research is carried out, and in 1955 C.S Nicolaescu-Plopsor makes a series of archaeological excavations. In 1962, Decu and Bleahu maped 600 meters of galleries, and in 1980 a series of amateur speleologists belonging to the Specter Circle named “Fire”, made a series of research and discovered new galleries. Thus, the current length of the cave is 1075 m. Due to the distinctive acoustics, until two years ago, the students of the Drobeta Turnu Severin High School of Arts held an annually classical music concert in the cave, gathering dozens of tourists.

Conditions: It is a cave that can be visited relatively easy and in any season, with no special equipment. High boots, helmet, and double illumination sources are recommended. The visit takes about 1 hour.

Information Contact:

The cave is administrated by Mehedinti Geoparc  Plateau:

phone/fax: +4 0372 521 116,,


Route closed to other thematic routes:

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GPS Coordinates: Lat/Lng:44.87450021581088, 22.62686039999994, DC58, Romania