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The Iron Gates Natural Park – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The Cultural Heritage Route

Name of the Touristic Attraction: The Iron Gates Natural Park

Location: in Mehedinţi County and Caraș-Severin County. It is located in the two counties: Mehedinţi and Caraș Severin. It covers an area of 115,665.8 ha, being one of the largest natural parks in the country. In the east, the park is bordered by Drobeta Turnu Severin, Mehedinţi County, and in the west by the Socol locality in Caraş Severin County. In the north, the park follows the Danube interfluves formed by its tributaries due to the fact that it is situated at the confluence of Nera with the Danube, the Talva Blidarului Peaks, The Small and Great Svinecea.

Description: Here you can find mountain plants, boreal plants and Mediterranean plants. A characteristic feature of this natural habitat is the thermal change. This allows plants that are specific to mountain areas to descend at low altitudes, and the plants specific to warm, Mediterranean areas to climb to higher altitudes. As for fauna, it is dominated by invertebrates. Some species have not yet been exploited scientifically. The Iron Gates National Park is divided into 18 natural reserves fully protected by law. Within the park there are 15 approved tourist routes. Along these, you can admire the rich flora of the area, collect medicinal plants or climb to the belvedere points where you can admire the Danube Gorge and the Iron Gates I lake. Also within the Park there are included the Iron Gates I and the Iron Gates II hydroelectric power plants built on the Danube. These are considered to be the largest such buildings in our country. The energy produced here is exploited in partnership with the Serbs. Thanks to the construction of the hydropower plants, the Iron Gates I lake was built, a lake with a great tourist potential.

Information and Contact:

Contact: the Iron Gates Natural Park: phone/ fax: +40252 360511 phone: +40372 702529



Other useful information:

Tourist Offers:

Within the Park administration, there are a number of tourist programs. More details on the offer of tourist programs are available at


  1. Road access (on the E70 road linking Drobeta-Turnu Severin and Orşova and continuing with DN 57 between Orşova and Baziaş);
  2. River access (via Orşova and Moldova Nouă harbours and other accosting places, such as Drencova, Sviniţa and Tisovița);
  3. Railway access (at the Romanian Railway stations in Drobeta-Turnu Severin and Orșova);

Tourist activities:

  1. Mountain tourism;
  2. Cruises on the Danube;
  3. Scientific tourism;
  4. Bird watching;
  5. Speleology;
  6. Fishing;
  7. Hunting;
  8. Participation at traditional holidays, especially of the minority communities;
  9. Experimenting traditional cuisine;
  10. Water sports on the Danube;
  11. Cycling and mountain biking;
  12. 12. Visiting the cultural objectives (archaeological, religious);
  13. Visiting the water mills from the Eliseva, Povalina, Sicheviţa Valleys;
  14. Visiting the museums (ethnographic and religious museums);
  15. Visit to the settlements populated by Czech and Serbian ethnicities

GPS Coordinates: lat, long: 44.6870692, 22.300400699999955, elevation: 261 m