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“Djerdap” Fishing Area – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Bountiful Nature Route

Name of the touristic attraction: “Djerdap” Fishing Area

Location: From km 1040 to km 940 of the Danube, from Golubac Fortress, to half of Golul Island

Description: The fishing area “Djerdap” is located within the boundaries of the National Park Djerdap, in the southeastern part of Europe, in the northeastern part of the Republic of Serbia, at the very border with Romania. National Park “Djerdap” is located on the right bank of the Danube from Fort Golubac Castle to Karatas, near Kladovo, meaning about 100 km of the Danube. Here, recreational fishing from the coast can be performed all day and night, and from the boat only during the day. Here, there are about 50 species to be fished, and among the most important ones are: catfish, roe, sterlet, barbell, silver carp, grass carp and others.

Information and contact:
JP “National Park Djerdap”
Tel: + 381 30 215 0 070

Others use information:
The annual permit for recreational fishing in the fishing area “Djerdap” is 5,000 dinars.
The price of a multi-day permit (7 days) for recreational fishing in the fishing area “Djerdap” is 2.000 dinars.
The daily permit for recreational fishing in the fishing area “Djerdap” is 1.000 dinars.
Number of rods: 3

Quantity that can be kept: up to 5 kg per day.

Permits can be purchased from the users of the fisher’s offer “Đerdap” in Tekija, Donji Milanovac and Dobra, as well as from authorized distributors in the municipalities surrounding the National Park Đerdap.

Documents required for issuing a license:
– Identity card
– Form for registering the catches from the previous year, of the recreational fishermen

Route close to other thematic tourist routes:
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GPS coordinates: The area of ​​the National Park Djerdap lies between 44042 – 44024 ‘north latitude and 22033’ – 21040 ‘east latitude.