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Organization of Spotive Fishing “Rudar” Bor – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic route: Bountiful Natural Route

Name of the touristic attraction: Organization of Spotive Fishing “Rudar” Bor

Location: Moše Pijade Street, 62, Borski administrative district, 19 210 Bor

Description: The tradition of OSR “Rudar” Bor is long and it starts with the day of the first cup, in 1953, when the sportive fishing in the territory of Bor, started. Bor “Rudar” has about 500 members, pioneers, youth, seniors and people older than 65 years. The membership fee is voluntary and amounts 500 dinars. OSR “Rudar” officially organizes a competitive discipline – hunting the fish with hooks and floats and organizes a traditional competition called “Miner’s Cup”, which is organized annually on the occasion of August 6 – the Day of the Miners.

Information and contact:

President of OSR “Rudar” Bor: Milorad Piljević:

mobile telefon: +381 60 436 0 030


Telephone number of the Organization: + 381 30 421 042


Route close to other thematic route:

-Bor Lake

Other useful information:

Fishing licenses are issued at the headquarters of the OSR “Rudar” in Bor. The license fee for the first category (seniors) is 6 000 dinars plus membership fees. Women and elderly people are included in the second category and the license fee is 3,000 dinars plus membership fees.  Third category of members, invalids with damage of 80-100%, pay for a license 600 dinars plus a membership fee. The same amount is paid by young people aged 14 to 18 years. The fourth (optional) category are the pioneers up to 14 years old. They may engage in fishing without a permit, with the mandatory presence of an older member who has a proper permit. The manner of performing recreational fishing is carried out in accordance with the laws in force.