Navigation Authorities in the Iron Gates Area – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: Blue Path

Name of the Touristic Attraction: Navigation Authorities in the Iron Gates Area

Description: Navigation authorities are authorized to provide relevant, professional and qualified information and instructions from various areas such as: Waterway Status, DTD Channel Navigation, Iron Gates Navigation, Border Crossing, Customs Forms and Instructions, evacuation from territorial waters, landing in foreign territorial waters.

Navigation authorities Kladovo:

Harbor Kladovo is the regional unit for the area of the river Danube – right bank from km 880 to km 1010.

Navigation Authority Prahovo:

To the branch office of the Prahovo Navigation Authority is the regional unit for the Danube River area – the right bank from 845.5 to 880 km. The captain operates 24 hours continuously for the national border crossing for craft of domestic flag in international traffic and for floating flag craft in the international port and Prahovo port.

Information and Contact:

Address of Navigation Authority Prahovo:

Pristanišna Zona bb

Tel: +381193524026

Fax: +381193524026


Address of Navigation authorities Kladovo:

Dunavska 11

Tel: +38119800284

Fax: +38119800285


Other useful information:

The Ship locks:

In the Djerdap area, there are two dams, and both of them have ship locks from the Serbian and from the Romanian side.

Lock Djerdap 1 – Serbian side contact:

Tel: +381 (0) 19 811 390

Lock Djerdap 2 – Serbian side contact:

Tel: +381 (0) 19 546 242

Passenger Ports:

Port Donji Milanovac

Managing authority:

JKP Donji Milanovac


Tel: +381(0)30596356; +381(0)30590124


Port Tekija

Managing authority:

HTP Plaza


Tel: +381(0)19810810; +381(0)19810800

Port Kladovo

Managing authority:

Djerdap servicies AD Kladovo


Tel: +381(0)19801210; +381(0)19801052