Flamingo Ship – Asociaţia Pro-Mehedinţi

Thematic Route: The Blue Path

Name of the Touristic Attraction: Flamingo Ship

Location: Orşova, Mehedinţi County, 29 kilometers away from the town of Drobeta Turnu Severin.

Description: The Flamingo ship is managed by Sc. Manea Srl and it`s intended for cruises on the Danube. It has a capacity of 75 people and is equipped with an air-conditioned room and a projection system for symposiums and presentations. Festive dinners and various anniversary events can also be held on the board of this ship.

Information and Contact:

Contact: Sc. Manea Srl:

phone: +4 0721 153893 (Patrascu George), +4 0744 632322 (Ion Manea),

e-mail: vapor@complex-manea.ro

The price of a cruise on the Danube with the Flamingo Ship is 450 lei / hour. The duration of the cruise may be:

– 3 hours, to Tabula Traiana, Mraconia Monastery, Decebal’s Statue, Small Gorges

– 3 hours ½ to Tabula Traiana, Mraconia Monastery, Decebal’s Statue, Small Gorges, Dubova Bay

– 4 hours, to Tabula Traiana, Mraconia Monastery, Decebal’s Statue, Small Gorges, Dubova Bay, Ponicova Cave, Veterani Cave, Great Gorges.


Route close to other thematic routes

In the area you can also visit:

– The Iron Gates Region Museum – Orșova Branch

– St. Nicholas Church in Orșova

– Saint Ana Monastery

Cruises on the Danube can also be done from Orşova with:

The Danubius and Danubius 1  Boats: Tel: +4 0747 87 816

Dierna Boat: +4 0722231178, +4 40 252 361 415


Other useful information:

Sc. Manea Srl also offers accommodation with restaurant included for different groups of tourists. There are also a number of tourist packages made available by Sc. Manea Srl, for tourists arriving in the area. These packages include a two-day visit program with the opportunity to benefit from a guide provided by the Iron Gate Nature Park Administration for the 124 lei / route value.



Apolodor Hotel, tel: +40 352 415 925

Ţaka Guesthouse, tel: +40252 360 335

Damiro Guesthouse, nr. 13, tel: +40722 207 930

Meridian Hotel, tel: +40252 362 800

Casa Noastră Guesthouse, tel: +40745 110 839

Casa Verde, tel: +40744 954 191


Events in Orșova:

– Mihai Eminescu Festival, January 15;

– The Orșova Days on August 14-15,

– The Autumn Festival in October,

– Contests for young people: The Danube`s Pearl Festival, The Iron Gates Trophy, Robotor.


GPS Coordinates: lat / long: 44.72846209999999 / 22.394325699999968, elevation: 124 m